QUALITY is our priority that makes our products and services DIFFERENT.



HISPALCO, S.A. is a specialized company on international commercialization of a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. The maintenance and improvement of the Management and Quality systems are a priority in the daily service handling and strategic management.

QUALITY and its improvement is A RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL the members of the company, starting from the Management.

QUALITY is the main distinguishing feature of Hispalco, S.A. for maintaining its position in the market.

The QUALITY of our products is obtained by inspecting the goods, besides PLANNING, EXECUTING and CHECKING the Quality Management of the company to avoid possible mistakes.

The SATISFACTION OF ALL OUR CLIENTS AND SUPPLIERS is our main indicator of QUALITY, which involves THE COMMITMENT of the whole organization in fulfilling their needs and demands, as well as the legal requirements related to service provision.

QUALITY is obtained by providing the necessary TRAINING to the whole staff of HISPALCO, S.A., so that they can carry out their activities efficiently.

Sustainable QUALITY is based on CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in our services and in theeffectiveness of our products and packaging control.

Quality implies the participation and collabotarion of each member of HISPALCO, S.A. who contribute to develop, maintain and evaluate the quality system, informing occasionaly about the problems, suggesting improvements and collaborating in proper inspections.

Each team member has the right and the duty of knowing the quality policy of the company and must apply it from the MOTIVATION, TRAINING and COMMUNICATION point of view along wirh the Management and Quality department.

Hispalco, S.A. Management guarantees that the QUALITY OBJECTIVES and POLICY are known and understood along all levels of the organization and are available to clients and suppliers.

  • The products packed in Monna Lisa®, La Gioconda®, La Joconde®, Unicorn® and Hispalco®Bio are inspected from origin by means of external quality controls. Thus, we can guarantee ideal conditions of packaging and freshness.

    We are conscious of the need to supply safe and healthy products for the consumer and, at the same time, environmentally friendly, for this reason our box manufacturers comply strictly with all the European regulations on healthy consumption and all our producers have quality certificates such as GlobalGAP, IFS, BRC, ISO 9001 and/or other quality management systems.

    Hispalco S.A. has the following CERTIFICATES: