We are a Spanish company founded in Valencia in 1992. We commercialize a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to European and international clients in the exclusive brands: Monna Lisa®, La Giconda®, La Joconde®, Unicorn® and Hispalco®Bio.



Our distinguishing features:

  • We select the products among producers capable of supplying a wide variety of high quality fruit and vegetable all year round.
  • Our goods are supplied in an elegant and professional packaging.
  • We meet the needs of our clients offering them a made-to-measure service.
  • The logistic companies that work with Hispalco, S.A. assure the delivery of the goods in ideal conditions of freshness and flavour. Every day, they distribute our company brands all over the world.
  • Wholesalers, distributors, catering experts, local supermarkets, point of sales in markets and traditional shops are our clients. Selected professionals who can mark the difference.
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